Use the “five whys” technique to answer the question: “Why do you work?”. You might think of some noble-minded, righteous goals after the second or third iteration: Help other people, feel intellectually challenged… But at the end, the answer most likely will be: You work for the survival and well-being of yourself and your family, and to get some sort of recognition from society.

Now ask yourself: “Why does your company employ you?” If you are part of the ~80% of the european population that work in the private sector, the definite answer is: To maximise shareholders' wealth. This is an inconvenient truth that most companies will forget to mention during their very sophisticated inspiration days and team outings when they’ll sell you their own noble-minded, righteous goals.

Work hard, learn, grow, and enjoy going to work. Do what’s good for yourself and your company. But keep the ultimate goals of each own always in mind.