Pablo Román — Web Developer


As site CTO of, -an international technology blog currently ranking in the Technorati Top 10 blogs in the world-, I work closely with the rest of the team to make the site blazingly fast, fixing issues as they arise and adding new features & designs. I've been responsible for the success of the site on a technical front.

I've also been part of the Twitter Counter team, the biggest Twitter statistics site; developed and designed a bunch of websites within the events branch of the company. Currently I'm working on TNW Market, an online marketplace for tech companies.

Web design & development on a mobile app agency, where I assumed the role of technical lead of the web team, developing several web apps and projects.

  • Politweets is a web app to track the activity of Spanish politicians on Twitter.
  • Heavy Metal Encyclopedia is a comprehensive directory of every single heavy metal band ever. I worked on this little project for a month to teach myself Ruby on Rails.
  • I've also taken a few freelance web design gigs, being the last one the design of implementation of Ikigai Magazine, an online magazine on global health.
  • I also contribute to the open source community, publishing a number of WordPress themes and plugins. View my GitHub page.


I learned software engineering, computer networks, databases, Object-Oriented Programming, operating systems, C++ and Java.


  • I love working for the web, all the way thought the LAMP stack, from the idea to the actual design and implementation.
  • I feel comfortable in every stage of web development, and I'm able to assume front-end, back-end or system administration roles.
  • I'm fluent in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, GIT, Javascript and jQuery.
  • I enjoy designing clean and fast interfaces, with great UX and typography and optimized for mobile devices.
  • I have experience developing for large scale, high traffic websites.

I am fluent in English and Dutch, besides my native Spanish.

Contact me

Drop me a line! My e-mail address is You can also find me on Twitter (@pabloroman), and my personal website is

Latest update: 23 May 2013